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A Clear Call

A Clear Call

This is the National Evangelism Conference that some of the young adults suggests two years ago from this NYALC group. It is in being held in Adelaide this March. So time to register if you   Click here for the Clear Call Web Site of joy

A Clear Call is a national conference for the Uniting Church to have opportunity to engage in how we share our faith contextually where we each live, love and have our being. Our hope is that it will engage heart, mind and practical applications of sharing the great love of God that was first extended to us.

It is for everyone who would like to share their faith and would benefit from conversation, information and practical examples. It is for all people: lay people, ordained, teams, young adults, all cultures and the full spectrum of theology of the Uniting Church.

It will be be fun, deep, thoughtful, energetic, thought provoking and practical. It will approach faith-sharing from every angle.

So, please join us – bring a team!


More info

FB Group here

Speakers include some good types like UCA President Andrew Dutney & Lu Senituli

Main Bible Input by Vicky Balabanski

with contextual response spaces

  • Ruthmary Bond: Fresh Expression
  • Steph Tai: urban
  • Jan Trengove: rural
  • Mark Corford (QLD) first third.
  • Reconciliation: Denise Champian
  • Multicultural: Lu Senituli

plus I am leading a workshop – I know! Wow! That has sold it for you! :)


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