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A Destiny Together

A Destiny Together

A Destiny Together: Justice for First Peoples Week of Prayer and Fasting

A Destiny Together is a call from the Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia to all Church members to participate in a week of prayer and fasting for justice for First Peoples.

There are many ways that people from the Synod of Victoria & Tasmania can participate:


  • Join with others from Vic/Tas in attending the public prayer vigil taking place in Canberra on Tues 18 March.   All Uniting Church members are invited to come to Canberra to participate in this service which will be led by will be led by the Chair of the UAICC/Congress, Rev. Rronang Garrawurra, and the President of the Church, Rev. Prof. Andrew Dutney.  Visit for more information and to register your attendance.
  • Organise a local prayer vigil, daily prayer services in your congregation and mark the week in weekly worship services.
  • Undertake individual daily prayer and fasting.
  • Donate to the Canberra Prayer Vigil Travel Fund, which will assist members of the UAICC/Congress to travel from remote communities to attend the vigil. Further information on donating is available at


There will be a range of resources for daily prayer, fasting and worship services available shortly on the Assembly website.


Would you like further information or resources?


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