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Movement to End Poverty.

Movement to End Poverty.

With a Federal Election set for September, it’s time for Australians to join together to remind our political leaders that the community wants Australia to do its part to end extreme poverty.

Because we believe it is possible to end extreme poverty, is joining a historic social moment – The Movement to End Poverty.

Our aim is to get 500,000 signatures by September, and we are well on the way but we need your help.

Here’s what we’re saying to our leaders;

Since 1990, aid has helped to reduce extreme poverty, including almost halving the number of children around the world who die before their fifth birthday – 14,000 fewer children dying every single day.

Let’s help make poverty history by giving our fair share of aid – just 70 cents in every $100 of Australia’s national income by 2020.

As a step towards contributing our fair share,
promise to give 50 cents in every $100 dollars to tackle global poverty.

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